Lecture Series

Unveiling The Hidden Roots of Suffering

as Revealed Through the Archetype of Israel-Palestine
with Rich Forer

Monday, November 13, 2017

at Augustana Lutheran Church
5000 E Alameda at Fairfax
Please use Fairfax Street entrance

Rich will articulate the most fundamental roots of suffering, especially as revealed through the Israel-Palestine tragedy which is, in many ways, an archetype or model of how human beings create a world of suffering for self and other.

As part of this discussion, he will demonstrate that events that unfold in the visible world are reflections of the invisible world and its unconscious thought processes that induce so many to support injustice in the name of justice. He will show the self-destructive nature of the unexamined mind that unknowingly projects its suffering onto the other and then blames or scapegoats the other for its suffering.

Rich Forer is author of Breakthrough: Transforming Fear Into Compassion--A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Civil Liberties and Protest in the Trump Era

with Rev. Nathan Woodliff-Stanley 
Executive Director of ACLU of Colorado

Learn about the national and statewide work of the ACLU in the current political climate, including challenging issues of free speech and rights of protest.

Dr Bassem Hassan

at Augustana Lutheran Church
5000 E Alameda at Fairfax
Please use Farifax Street entrance